Jealousy will kill you!

Jealousy is a feeling I still battle some days.  Currently I am dealing with my youngest child and a chronic condition.  It is easy to look at people who have children with NO health issues and feel a pang of jealousy.  A kind of "Why me?" moment that never does me any good. 

In my moment of jealous feelings yesterday, I noticed a post my friend made about this very topic.  So I spent some time reflecting and thinking more about it.  This is what I came up with:

---Jealousy is resentment towards someone for a perceived advantage or superiority they hold. It's a an unhappy or angry feeling due to wanting what someone else has.

---Fear is being afraid of someone or something perceived to be a threat, harmful or dangerous. An  unpleasant often strong emotion.

Jealousy is ruder than fear. To me, jealousy is lack of identity.

The jealous person technically knows nothing, suspects much and fears everything. Jealous people lack self confidence, suffer from inferiority complex, and fear others' superiority.

Jealous people don't want to see another have a good laugh and a good life, and as they continue to remain same way, you'll notice nothing interesting goes on in their lives because they've drowned themselves in so much negativity.

On the other hand, fear is the direct opposite of faith. Fear kills all that should be 100% awesome.

Fear is just insecurity and if not properly managed, could lead to hate. Fearful people are sometimes ignorant people. Jealous people are always fearful but fearful people aren't always jealous.

There are reasons why you should never be jealous of another, they include the following:

* You can never have same DNA with another

* You can never be duplicated

* You are your own designer's original

* There is only one set of your finger print, eye colour, brain, and body composition

Nobody can do what God has sent you to do, if only you had a clue of who really are, jealousy would be far gone and totally eradicated.

It's only natural to be jealous, but with maturity and discipline, you convert jealousy into love. 

You may lose weight, gain weight, became pale, look beautiful, look less beautiful, possess a particular kind of trait, but you see, there is no other version of you. Where you rule, God rules!
Eliminate all shades of jealousy and fear today, let's upgrade ourselves and make the world a better place. Yes We Can!

Much Love!


Nic Lynn

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