Own Your Mistakes. Don't Let Them Own You.

Countless hours of my life have been spent beating myself up over mistakes.  I would like to say that isn't true anymore, but I am human.

I make mistakes a lot.  To be completely honest, I have made may mistakes in this lifetime and probably will continue to do so.  Fact is, everyone makes them.  Everyone makes them.  It does not make me, or any other person, bad.  We all succumb to mistakes.  

Sometimes mistakes we make are part of some larger agenda.  Sometimes it is because we didn't listen or didn't process fully what we heard.  Other times, there is a lapse of judgment. I have even made mistakes that seemed to just happen with no rhyme or reason at all.  This is all a part of being human.  What really matters is admitting, learning from and moving on after a mistake.  Some of the best learning experiences I have carried through my life occurred after a mistake I made.  

Own your mistakes but don't let them own you!!

I am human.  I am going to make mistakes.  What I realized yesterday though, is making a mistake isn't a reason to ignore a problem, give up, or belittle myself.  Reactions to mistakes determine willingness to learn in the future.  

I am moving on from my mistakes and trying to do it with humility and gratitude. How?

Each morning I start the day by writing down what I am grateful for.  This could include moments fro the previous day, a place, a smell, a sight, doesn't matter.  Just a few minutes each morning of gratitude leads to a day filled with hope.  This is a small step on a long path I have embarked on of self-discovery.  It is a ray of light that is reminding me of what has been truly missing from my life.

Today I am grateful for a chance to learn from and move on from yesterday's mistakes and I am grateful I can do that with a humble heart.

Much love!


Nic Lynn

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