Even The Strongest Feel Weak Sometimes

Sometimes people look at me and think my life is all sunshine and rainbows.  The illusion of a picturesque life is something I have perfected over the years. It's quite a cunning talent actually. But,  let me admit it now however, my life is far from a fairy tale.

Not one to complain, I spend time each day counting my blessings.  Yes, I am very blessed.  Healthy family.  Warm home.  Financial stability.  A few true friends.  This morning I am also counting my hurts. 

I know, I know.  Focusing on hurts isn't going to accomplish much but today I need a few moments to wallow. I need to embrace these hurts for a moment so I can figure out how I am going to get past them.  Gotta come up with a survival plan.

My heart is aching.  My world was rocked yesterday.  The foundation I thought I was standing on began to crumble at the edges.  I could feel my stability slipping away.  This must be what despair really feels like.

A good friend once said "In your lowest times, give yourself 10 solid minutes to have your meltdown.  Cry, scream, break things if you must. But then get your shit together because you still have a life to live."

Clinging hard to that statement and a whole lot of prayer, I am hopeful there will be a light visible to me soon.  Some sort of beacon at the end of this sad, sad tunnel of crap.

Do me a favor if you have a moment today?  Say a prayer for me too.

I am tired.  I need rest.  I won't quit though.

Much love.


Nic Lynn


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