Be Kind

Kindness seems to be a word I keep gravitating back to lately.  Kindness and gratitude.   Here is a little blurb about those two words.  

I'm grateful:

  • To never really be alone and always have someone who loves me nearby.
  • To know that they know me better than anyone else in the world and love me anyway.

In my way of thinking:

  • Anyone can act nice.  A serial killer can put on a smile and good manners.  
  • Kindness though, is an action.  Kindness is freely letting God use you so you can be your "better" self.
  • Your "better" self does not always feel comfy.  In fact it can feel pretty ill-fitting.
  • Sometimes being kind feels like you are allowing others to walk all over you.  But they are only stepping on your ego.
  • Being kind is always always worth it.  It takes practice but the results are huge.

What are you grateful for today?  Let me know in the comments below:)

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