Take The First Step

 Many people live their lives in quiet misery. People get caught up in their depression, anxiety, mental unrest.  They lock themselves away and deny that their is a solution to their problem.  It is incredible how many people live this way.  Please know, you are not alone.
For people who currently are gripped by depression, addiction, social anxiety, I want you to know that there is no situation that is without hope.   There is also no person who cannot overcome their present difficulties.  I was always told "A man's courage is his greatest asset". It is an act of courage and strength to admit you are struggling.  It is an act of courage and strength to reach out and ask for help.  It is an act of courage and strength to face up to your problems.
An old saying goes "There is safety in being hidden but a tragedy never to be found". You are too precious and important to your family, friends, community, and yourself to stay hidden any longer.  In the history of the world and for the rest of time, there will never be another you.  You are a once off, completely unique.  The real you is waiting to be found but to get there you have to start your journey inwards.  A boat is at it's safest when it is in the harbor but that's not what it was built to do. We are like that boat.  Starting your journey inward will reveal buried truths and unspoken fears.  Start the journey anyway because this will emerge a new strength in you.  This strength is what will help you navigate through the choppy waters of a painful past.  Eventually, however, you will discover a place of peace within yourself, a place that encourages you to head into the world with a new found faith and ability to live your life to the fullest.  The world will no longer be a scary place.

The most important thing is to take that first step.  Please. Take it.

Much love!

Nic Lynn

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