I Won't Stay Down.

Yesterday was a very hard day for me.  I just couldn't get out of my own negative thoughts.  One bad thought led to the next and then to the next and before you knew it I was wallowing in self-pity and feeling like there is no way out of it. Today, I am deciding that won't be my day. No more feeling sorry for myself.

Difficulties, failures, and sorrows can force their might on us and cause us to fall apart. The key is to have courage and patience to endure all the storms of life.  It is important to remember that the greater the challenge in life is, the greater the opportunity to grow and overcome.

Don't focus on yesterday . Don't even look to tomorrow. Just be in this day.  Pursue your goals in the face of difficulties. Convert your failures into victories and allow God to turn your sorrows into Joy. Never retreat from God, from loved ones, or from life.  You are precious to the King of Kings so it is time to MOVE ON....from FEAR to FAITH.

I won't stay down.  I am going to move on.  Now.


Nic Lynn

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