Happiness is Possible

I used to think that happiness avoided me.  Where were the things that could make me feel content and at peace?  It was easy to blame life circumstances and mishaps for the constant unease.  This evasion of happiness was causing an unending conflict in me.  "Why was happiness not ever coming my way?"  Let me tell you now, this is not good thinking for emotional growth!

I am coming to find out that the fact is, I am the one who has been dodging happiness and not the other way around.  Instead of surrounding myself with joy, I was running the opposite way. Hiding myself away, I was fearing the consequences of letting down my guard.  Speeding hard from the paths that would lead to actual happiness, I was locking the gates of the wall around me in fear of reliving any past hurts again.

So, what to do? Focus on what makes you happy.  Strive boldly ahead instead of retreating back inside.  Learn to love yourself because the real peace in life is inside of you. Accept and face the past then move on.  Realize that now is so much more important than now.  Now is when you can make changes.  Then is not.

You know that old saying "Easier said than done."? My retort for that is "It is easier done that continuing to hold all that garbage in."

Wishing all my readers much love and happiness today!


Nic Lynn

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