From Broken To Blessed

I know what sadness is. I know what it means to hurt. I know some of the worst nightmares. I know so many painful things. I don't know why but I do know it has made me stronger. It has made me more sensitive and has given me the will to overcome.

The storms of my life have made me the person I am today. I am learning to let go of bitterness and anger. I am replacing the hurt with love and hope and faith.

Life is never easy but my Higher Power gives me strength each day. The realization that you have to be broken at times to change into something better than before is amazing!

So today, no matter what, don't give up and don't let other's give up either.

Go from fear to faith....

From anxiety to anticipation...

From broken to blessed....

Remember, you are never too broken for God to use your story.


Nic Lynn