Choose Your Direction

Every moment of everyday we have to choose a direction.  Whether we decide to go left or right, it is always a specific direction we take and it is all relative to where we want to go.  Sometimes this is a scary task when you hold on to fear of the unknown.

There have been many, many times in my life, that I wished I could just whip out a magic compass that would point me in the direction of happiness.  Sadly, the magic compass failed to appear and I would find my self walking in the wrong direction or running like a crazed person right into the midst of self-destruction.

I have come to realize I DO have an internal compass, it is just not magic.  If I take the time to craft this compass with the insight of how I want my life to be, it can help to move me into the direction I choose.  Problem here?  I am still learning to navigate these choices.  Each day I spend some time trying to understand the consequences of choosing the wrong direction and focusing on the aspirations of moving toward a better way.

This my friends is the direction bearing tool that is helping me to stop and look before choosing a direction. It doesn't stop me from making a every mistake, but again, it isn't magical like I once believed.  It only works if I work it.

Today I am going to look before I leap.  I am going to choose the path of health and happiness.  Today I am steering away from negativity because I can control my compass!

Nic Lynn

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