Why is Life Unfair Sometimes

A hard fact to face: Life can be unfair sometimes. A lesson to learn: that isn't a reason to give up.

For years I suffered silently from past and present scars. The memories of bad things form years ago were so ingrained into me that it sometimes felt like it was still happening. I could actually still feel the pain as if someone was stabbing me.

Yesterday was a tougher day than usual. Things seemed to be crumbling and there seemed like no solution. I felt broken and defeated and, for a moment, hopelessness.

To finally get to a place of healing, of overcoming, of joy, of success, I had to surrender my mind to my God. Then what happened was amazing! God honored his promise to give me strength and I felt the power to cut through the lies in my head and to move beyond the hurt of days that were gone. I kept on praying and there it was! My boldness. My courage. My peace.

So today, if you feel surrounded by evil or negativity, just let go. Say a prayer. Trust God.


Nic Lynn

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